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"Justice and Jesters" 

The game that puts FUN in the legal system!


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"Justice and Jesters"

By Laurel Fischer

Laurel Fischer (aka Laurie Hall) works as a freelance court reporter in Washington State surrounded by the Olympic Mountains and the waters of Puget Sound.  She has owned Olympic Court Reporting Services for over 30 years.

Laurie grew up on a Nebraska farm, and when the day’s work was done, the family spent countless hours playing games.  Her Dad was also a game inventor, and even today the family enjoys old favorites at holiday get-togethers.  Being from a fun-loving, albeit competitive lot, Laurie thought it was a natural to combine her love of court reporting, the legal field and gaming to bring you “Justice and Jesters.”

Fischer Family at their Best - Playing Games!
We wish you hours of fun, laughter, and a 
perpetual love of games.  Enjoy!