Lawyer Reviews

"Justice and Jesters is a great mix of strategy and chance that will keep even an old card hand guessing."
- Sam Feinson, Attorney at Law

“I had a blast playing this easy-to-learn and addicting card game.  The hours of playing just flew by.  A must have card game for all.”
- Rafael Urquia, Attorney at Law

"Don't let the legalese fool you, Justice and Jesters is a fun and competitive way to unwind with friends, family, or even perfect strangers!  The rules are simple, but the strategic possibilities are vast.  This is truly a great card-playing experience."
- Nat Jacob, Attorney at Law

"Justice and Jesters is simple enough to learn, but with enough depth to keep a group of 6 lawyers playing for hours."
- David J. Faber, Attorney at Law

"Justice and Jesters" 

The game that puts FUN in the legal system!

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Amazon Customer Review:

Thumbs UP after trying this game!
This game is one of those rare games that is not complicated but still accommodates strategies for various levels of players.
What a hoot! Addictive and fun. We were not disappointed.